The good people at Mindwalk have taken up a LOR podcast and re-broadcasted it with additions. Check out their show. It's great!

PROGRAM NOTES: Firstly, Jody Paulson speaks of the Bush supporter whodesecrated a memorial in Crawford. A Seymore Herschedit by Kavi.org excerpted from Democracy Now. JohnLennon, Jello Biafra and Eminem inthe mix. A greatpiece by Paul Garcia featuring Bush and Jim Morrison. A Bill Burroughs / Jim Morrison classic, and finally arather biting podcast/audioblog from a fellow namedDave down in Brisbane Australia. Strong language used..

That said, if you enjoy Jody Paulsons fine work as Ido, please consider sending her a contribution. She produces these commentaries out of her own pocket, and times are very tough as all of you well know.

Send donations to: PO Box 427214, San Francisco, CA 94142 Special thanks to Skidmark Bob and Free Radio SantaCruz for their continuing support.

Mindwalk can be heard on Free Radio Santa CruzTuesdays at 1p as well as many other Pirate, LPFM, and internet radio stations world wide.

Credits: Jody Paulson, Skidmark Bob, Peter Gabriel,K77, Amy Goodman, Seymore Hersch, Paul Goodman, JohnLennon, Kieth LeBlanc & Jello Biafra Paul Garcia, GWB,Jim Morrison & The Doors, William S. Burroughs, JelloBiafra spoken word, Eminem, Green Lantern, Dave Riley

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