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Still experimenting...
I checked out my audio recording rigs and most predate the new user-friendly digital universe. But with what I had to hand I cut a quick test audio at the computer.Then I uploaded the file to Google Drive (ever so free) and now share the mp3 filed here.
Ever so easy...very quickly done.

Fun times ahead.

Click on the link below below to listen to 2 minutes of indulgent chat. 

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(If it could) a foetus speaks

They all take care of me: the church, the state, the doctors and judges. For nine months they all wish me the best. I am something precious and they protect me.

As an unborn I am supposed to grow and flourish. Ignorant as to my gender, my language and my race -- with meals on tap and free bed and board -- I can have a good time without worrying about what tomorrow brings. You see, we unborn get it good even if we don't know who we are.

Come to think of it -- and thinking is something I'm not usually noted for -- for all I know I could be an orangutan or some other life form as my zoological attributes are presently unapparent to me. Such ready scholarship is not my forte and besides I am yet to learn to read or speak and have no idea what my kind looks like.

But let's assume I possess 23 chromosomes and may pass my born days as human. Give me nine months to get my X's and XY's together and I'll be dilated to meet you.

In the meantime, they all take care of me: the church, the state, the doctors and judges. If someone should get it into their head to harm me, she (it is usually a "she" apparently) had better watch out. I belong to the state. The church owns my soul. And the doctors and judges ensure that nobody inflicts pain on me.

But after nine months I'm on my own. For 50 years of my life to come nobody will care for me. I'll just have to help myself. A job? It'll be up to me. An education? That's something my parents should pay for. If I should steal for my own relief, a judge will put me in jail. If I am desperate the church will comfort me, but it won't get me a job, or feed me, or house me. Don't harm others, I'll be told, especially not the unborn.

Encouraged by this message I may make a good fist of it. If of a religious persuasion and fostered by the church I may be enrolled in the God-Man-Boy-Love Association because the church abhors abortion much more than it does paedophilia.

As I said, it will be up to me. Pretty soon I'll be on my own and my transgressions will be my own fault. But for the time being, while I remain trapped in this woman's body, I'm everybody's business but hers.

To be cared for by so many is a wonderful feeling. (Whatever that is. I have not, as yet, experienced an emotion but I'm looking forward to it). For nine months I'm the apple of everyone's eye. Don't mess with the foetus, they'll say, that's where babies come from (and babies grow up to be workers and soldiers).

People who I don't know and whom I may never meet are watching over me. Aren't I the lucky one? But tell me: why doesn't it stay this way?
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Blathering all the time

Not sure? Are you in in two minds as to whether you'll subscribe to Ratbag Radio? You're asking yourself perhaps,"Can this stuff damage my ears, addle my brain, or expose me to sounds I really don't want inside my head?"
You're thinking,"Ratbaggery --can I risk it?"
Sure you can. Sample the wares. Check out The Blather by listening to this promo. It won't tell you a darn thing worth knowing but it sure has all the attitude you could ask for. So come on: stick it in your ear!
It will take less than a minute to play.

* 51 secs 64kbps 401KB 24kHz

A Note regarding iTunes

iTunes still has The Blather listed  so that's what you need to search for in the iTunes Store to locate The Blather in the iTunes podcast catalogue.

  1. Open iTunes on your computer
  2. Under the “Advanced” menu, select “Subscribe to Podcast…”
  3. In the window that opens, paste this URL: http://feeds.feedburner.com/RatbagRadioBlog
  4. Click the “OK”button

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The Blather #16 - "From within the Shadow of the Golden Circle cannery..."

This episode of The Blather explores the geography of our opening phrase; “From within the shadow of the Golden Circle Cannery...” as an excuse to test walk Ratbag Radio’s new recording setup around our neighborhood.

24 min 13 sec / 80 kbps / 44kHz / 13.86 MB / Mono


The Blather's recording rig:

powered by ODEO
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The Blather #15 -- Choosing with Work Choices

The Blather considers its options in regard to Work Choices -- the new industrial relations package bought in by the Australian federal government. The Blather also attends a boisterous Mayday event and learns, along with some proletarian others, to chant a special chant.

15 mins 50 secs / 80 kbps / 32 khz / stereo /9.07 Mb

Listen: Mp3 download
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the blather #14 - At an anti war rally

The Blather goes to an antiwar rally on March 18th and talks with participants who are protesting against the continuing occupation of Iraq. This event marks the third anniversary of the invasion and the protest in Brisbane , Australia,was one of thousands world wide.

15 min 22 secs / 7.04 MB / Mono / 64 kbps / 44 kHz

Listen: Mp3 download
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the blather # 13: Joel Beasant plus satires

The Blather talks to our very own genetic designer (who makes a special appearance just to be on the show); chews the fat with a singer in a rock and roll band; tells Tasmanians how they should vote at their upcoming poll;defines what it means to be Aus-tral-ian (yet again!) and says a very very dirty word.
28 mins 33 secs / 13.07 MB / 64 kbps / 44 kHz
Listen Mp3 download
Listen: Mp3 streaming

Andorra interview (Joel Beasant)Andorra web site:
Andorra songs: Baxter (background to interview) and Xia Xia Market.
Andorra Mp3 files can be played here:

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the blather #12

The blather #12 plays some heavy rock music, chats with the Casual Workers Alliance, and drafts a special examination paper for all those who seek to enter fortress Australia.

Listen: Mp3 download

Listen: Mp3 streaming

Email : Ratbag Radio

Baxter -- Andorra: “Andorra is a political rock band that organises shows and events where we try to communicate positive resiliance to the things we caree about..” The band is based in Sydney and their latest song , Baxter, focuses on the Baxter Migrant Detention Centre -- a place where Australia locks up ‘outsiders’ -- then throws away the key. Andorra band members are: Eric Mackenzie - guitar, Matt Campbell - hammond organ and piano, Greg Penkow - bass, Steve Barrett - drums and Joel Beasant - singer
Andorra web page: http://www.andorramusic.com.au/

The Baxter Detention Centre is located in the desert in outback South Australia.
Refugee rights links and information:

Amelia Taylor Interview
Amelia Taylor is an activist with the United Ca
sual Workers Alliance -- Gold Coast, Queensland.

UCWA web page: http://ucwa.org.au/

For information about New Zealand’s Supersize My Pay campaign: http://www.supersizemypay.com/
Unite Trade Union: http://www.unite.org.nz/

Entrance Examination: Australia
Written and performed by Dave Riley
Background audio -- a version of Advance Australia Fair which was recorded in 1937 and is held by the National Library of Australia

Running Order
  • Theme music -- jawsharp 00.00

  • Welcome to the blather
  • Andorra’s new song, Baxter
  • 02.23
  • Information about Andorra’s activities 05.16

  • Interview with Amelia Taylor 06.54
  • Satirical monologue: Entrance Examination--Australia 24.00
  • Announcements 29.17
29mins 47secs/ 64 kbps / 44 khz / 13.64 Mb / Mono

Ratbag Radio...keeping an ear out for you
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the blather #11

This episode of The Blather is an exercise is getting the audio right or at least 'better'. After being the victim of some sloppy recording protocols, heretofore, Ratbag Radio has gone back to the DIY textbooks to improve the business to hand.
Have the Ratbaggies been succesful? I'm sure you will let us know:
  • 00.00.00 Jawharp theme and welcome
  • 01.20.00 The war on terror is upon us all....and we're all going phobic. DIY diagnosis of a new pandemic.(satire)
  • 03.19.00 The new industrial trinity -- a message and discussion about the spiritual significance of the new IR legislation recently passed by the federal government.(satire)
  • 06.18.00 Complementary closing remarks.
  • 07.21.00 The Blather ends with the same bang and bluster with which it began.
3.5MB / 7.21 Mins / 22 kHz /64 kbps
Ratbag Radio...keeping an ear out for you

Listen: Mp3 download
Listen: Mp3 streaming
Email : Ratbag Radio
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the blather #10

Proudly Un Australian!

The blather this time around exchanges words with Melbourne based artist, Azlan McLennan. McLennan's latest art work -- a burnt and mounted Australian flag -- was confiscated by local police because treatment of the flag that way was deemed (by them, apparently) to be "offensive".
Read GLW article here and 7.30 Report transcript here.

The seizure of the art work without due process has raised the issue of censorship especially in the context of a major roll back of democratic rights --such as the recently passed anti terrorism legislation with its wide interpretation of what constitutes' sedition'.

In response to this incident a national campaign has been generated in support of McLennan's democratic rights and against political censorship.
The blather also shares with its listeners the wherewithall to create your very own DIY, burnt flag, UnAustralian art work. Just the thing for the lounge room wall above the mantle piece!

27 min 29 secs / 12.59 MB / 64 Kbps /22 kHz

TECH NOTE:The interview was recorded over a standard landline speaker phone using an iRiver T30. Once Ratbag Radio generates a capital reserve (donations of money please!!!)we will be improving our hardware options via a retooling program.

In the meantime we'll make the best with what we got.

Ratbag Radio ... Keeping a ear out for you!

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