Blather Vox Pop : the biological farmer

Alan Broughton is a biological agriculture researcher and organic farming teacher based in Eastern Victoria. He has had extensive experience in farm management and setup both here  in Australia and  overseas.
I had a chance to discuss with him some  of the assumptions  being made about   livestock as climate change drivers  and how a new approach to grazing animals can impact on the sustainable ecology of agriculture. 

(Duration:29.01  — 31.1MB)

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Blather Vox Pop : the party activist

Jim McIlroy (pictured right) is a long time socialist activist who I have known for 45 years.

In my audio work I also contribute to the Socialist Voices podcast produced by  Scottish Socialist Party and this interview was designed for that outlet.

In the interview -- not that you'll hear me --  I shepherd Jim to explain the politics of the Australian Socialist Alliance.

What you will hear -- in the background -- is my neighborhood: especially the cackle of rainbow lorikeets.

(Duration:15.31  — 26.1MB)

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The Lucky Country

It is a tragic irony of Australian existence that a country -- a continent -- the size of Europe can be so much the same shore to shining shore. Among its 23 million peoples there is seemingly very little difference one person from the other.
We speak the same language  deploying the same accents. Follow the same sports. Watch the same TV channels.
We are Rupert Murdoch’s play things. Hell! he’s one of ours. Local boy makes good.
The most monopolized media networks in the western world make sure that the political debate doesn't drift too far to the left..
We may have a national broadcaster -- modeled on the BBC -- but that too is very much under threat today.
In this mix is the long standing national expectation that this is indeed ‘the lucky country’. Aside from a comparatively buoyant economy sustained by the boom in mining and mineral prices, we have not known civil war, famine, political cataclysm, invasion or relentlessly bad cricket scores.
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Blather Vox Pop : the geriatric nurse

Studs Terkel's great book of radio interviews -- Working: People Talk About What They Do All Day and How They Feel About What They Do  -- has been around for 40 years.

Its  impact has been huge because it re-invented oral history by celebrating everyday labour and elevating everyone's working life to a shared collective experience we all must, in our own way, negotiate.

Inspired so many years ago by Terkel, The Blather -- instead of pursuing  celebrity chit chat (not that the big whigs would talk to us) -- will occasionally share interviews with folk talking about their lives or their workaday week.

'Vox Pop' refers to the  Latin proverb, Vox populi, vox Dei which translates as "The voice of the people [is] the voice of God".

Since no one else listens to us peeps nowadays, maybe The Blather should.

The first Blather VOX POP is a chat with Kyle, a geriatric nurse.

(Duration: 11:41 — 12.6 MB)

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Terra Australis Proprietary Limited

The Reserve Bank in conjunction with the federal Treasury is making arrangements for turning the whole country into a limited liability company. 

And lucky you:every Australian citizen will be offered shares in the float. The new enterprise will take over the country as a going concern, together with all available assets, pre-existing good will, gold reserves and debenture stocks.

This novel initiative is a logical consequence of the currently very popular trend towards privatisation. 

We're fast-tracking it, that's all. 

The formation of Terra Australis Proprietary Limited and its listing on the nation's stock exchanges is intended to shore up the local share market at a time when investors could do with an injection of confidence.

The present zigging and zagging of the All Ordinaries does no-one any good. Your everyday, run-of-the-mill Aussie battler-type person could do without such uncertainty.

Furthermore, the overbearing pressure of state debt will be a thing of the past. This way we settle up and wipe the slate clean in one swoop without having  to  put up with all this relentless  year in year out budget rigmarole.

Every year the same ole same ole…

(Duration: 2:40 — 2.9MB)

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You can take comfort in my presence.

GOOD NEWS! I have survived another year. The smiling dial that marks me out has not changed one smidgin in yonks. I'm ageless, that's what I am. I'm still the same bloke I was way back when ; still my dear old mother's son, the crème de la crème of the Highett Rileys in the prime of his wonderful life.

How can this be, you may ask. Surely one day he must be touched by cruel time?

My resilience from the toll life levies rests on a little-known feature of my existence: I'm the second son of God.

(Duration: 2:45 — 3.0MB)
Music: Hopeful Ambience -- Richard Culver September 9th, 2013 (FreeSound)

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Through my own fault

I am not usually one for public confessions, but I feel that something must be said. You can imagine how difficult this is for me to admit to. I am just an ordinary Joe Blow trying to make their own way in the world. There's nothing special about me. And since there's not, maybe what I have to say many of you can relate to.

I'm different, perhaps, because in this matter I'm more in touch with my feelings than you are (or maybe it's just the way I was bought up). When the consequences of my actions dawned on me I, personally, found the guilt overwhelming.

In order to seek some relief, at least allow me to confess what I have done.

You know that huge budgetary shortfall the new federal government is talking so much about? The one that seems so hard to addres without financial pain and suffering... 

I caused that. Little ol' me — through my own carelessness and selfishness — drove this country so deeply into debt.

But how can one person, you ask, be responsible for debts of such a grand scale? I, on my lonesome, of course, wasn't that wasteful. But me and a few million others like me can do a whole lot of damage when we throw caution to the wind.

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Mr Spermatozoon finds a home

Pick a day — any day — and there is sure to be a lot of human semen entering the world from private parts unknown. What it gets up to — when it gets out there — is anyone's guess.

Each day there's buckets of the stuff discharging forth half a teaspoon at a time. If we were to check the manifest, despite the current trend for low numbers, 200-300 million spermatozoa are on board bravely going where no wriggly thing has gone before. Just imagine how many sperm are sent on a mission each Saturday night! What with one thing and another, most of them are going to be dead by breakfast. 

Such is life ... for sperm. 

Lest we forget them.

If it wasn't for those few who make it, where would the patriarchy be today. For millennia we just thought milking males for semen was a fun thing to do. We didn't know it could help make babies. And now that we do, every sperm is suddenly so very sacred — so sacred that we are encouraged not to spill a single drop.

(Duration: 2:32 — 1.8MB)

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I'm back tweeting (test)

I'm back a' Tweeting:
Mind you I don't actually 'tweet' but my various creative projects automatically do.So you can listen to  my twerps.
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Trespassers Prosecuted

Here we are, somewhere in the South Pacific. That's the big picture: a big brown stain in a puddle.

Those in the know didn't know about this spot for some time. It was terra incognito — the secret country.

The first civilised person (by that I mean someone who wore underpants) to visit these shores was Lemuel Gulliver. 

I’m sure you have read of his adventures.

His visit down-under was to the outback settlement of Lilliput, which was located in the inland region of what is now known as Western Australia.

See if I'm right. Gulliver's first journey ignored the big dry bit in order to have himself pegged out on a beach at some distance from the briny and within cooee of Uluru. 

This spot is not now listed on any Admiralty chart, but back then it must have been. 

Kathump! Gulliver lands in WA and the cute little Lilliputians take him to their hearts. They feed him and clothe him, and besides the bits that get edited out for the sake of the kiddies, a good time is had by big and small.

What if Gulliver were washed up today?

(Duration: 3:08 — 3.0MB)

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