15 November 2004

Audio Mid Recorder

I have just downloaded Audio Mid Recorder which allows you one trial minute to experiment with recording ANYTHING on your PC. And a darn good apparartus it is too. So straightforward even I can use it. A purchase is beckoning at $US29.95 . Even without the radio station project in mind this program has a lot of uses around the house. You can lay down any sound on your PC and save it to your choice of formats . MP3? Easy as pie!
Now all I have to do is to hunt down an editing program like Cool Edit or whatever and get my Pirate Radio software from Destiny...
But I don't have to edit and I don't have to record to PC -- but I wanted to make sure I could handle these options before I proceeded to broadcast mode. You see, I'm planning on doing initially 'a' show which I will broadcast live while recording it for later broadcast. That way I can fill up a bit more air time without actually being in announcement mode so often during the week.