11 September 2005

New radio inputs

I purchased a Logitech desktop PC microphone and downloaded a freeware edition of Audacity. audio editor/recorder program.
The Logiteck mike is the best I could find for voice in the context of my recording options without paying big money and moving into high cost professional audio hardware. Later I'll purchase a headset Logiteck which has earphones and mike in one. At Under $30 the Logiteck is great quality.
Audacity is a fun program which allows you to edit via multi tracking so that sound fusion & synthesizing is immediately feasible. It in many ways Audacity replaces the Audio Midi Recorder I've been using as it has recording features similar to, although less optional than, Audio Midi. With Audacity it's easier to control your RECORD levels.
I'm hoping the new mike will kill the hum/feedback I have been suffering from with my el cheapo standard pc mike which someone compared to being similar to taking film through Gladwrap rather than a honed lens.
I also had some difficulty with my Pirate webstream applet -- as my url ('radiodestiny.rdl') -- won't always take when I download webstream on my PC, I've been on the Destiny discussion forums and they've been most helpfull. But I still don't know what the technical problem is. I think my pc java applet is throwing their's off wack when I connect and ask fro my own broadcast. I don;t have a problem with other stations.
The main problem now -- especially since I've downloaded iTunes is that my pc is weighed down with stuff and is slowing. So I have to be careful and brutal in regard top what stays or goes.
Also, once I'm over these teething hurdles, I''ll allocate one day a week as a Radio Day -- so that I don't keep getting distracted by audio matters to the detriment of other projects.