03 September 2005

On the ground in Venezuela

Police State Venezuelan Style. Lara Pullin is an Australian woman who recently returned from Venezuela, where it seems an unreported revolution is under way. In this podcast preview she describes a community where the police are banned and citizens maintain their own law and order free from intervention. Community issues are resolved within and by the community itself. Lara attending a function at the Venezuelan Embassy in Canberra where I also met the new representative of the Venezuelan Government . This interview arose out of a discussion we had, comparing conditions in our respective countries. I told him a little about Nimbin, and how Police Surveillance Cameras were installed while our community based security organisation, the 'Jungle Patrol' had its funding withdrawn. He was intrigued with the history of Nimbin and sends revolutionary greetings to Community Radio Station 2NimFM. 5mins. 5 Mb

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