26 June 2015

The Lucky Country

It is a tragic irony of Australian existence that a country -- a continent -- the size of Europe can be so much the same shore to shining shore. Among its 23 million peoples there is seemingly very little difference one person from the other.
We speak the same language  deploying the same accents. Follow the same sports. Watch the same TV channels.
We are Rupert Murdoch’s play things. Hell! he’s one of ours. Local boy makes good.
The most monopolized media networks in the western world make sure that the political debate doesn't drift too far to the left..
We may have a national broadcaster -- modeled on the BBC -- but that too is very much under threat today.
In this mix is the long standing national expectation that this is indeed ‘the lucky country’. Aside from a comparatively buoyant economy sustained by the boom in mining and mineral prices, we have not known civil war, famine, political cataclysm, invasion or relentlessly bad cricket scores.