18 June 2020


Trying again with a different rig and setup.
I'm using ANCHOR -- a creature out of the Spotify stable. Audio file.

03 August 2019

Keeping us safe from marauding queue jumpers

 We sure did — me, the partner and sprogs. Made all the right moves and spent the preceding period stretched out like a lizard drinking. On a beach no less. Happy little vegemites doing our all to catch the rays of the sun through our 15+ slop and all the slip and slap we could muster.
The world could have gone to the dogs as far as we were concerned.
03:17 mp3

30 July 2019

Our mutual friend

Pray cast your eye across the street. Our mutual friend with the cap. Going down to lay a little something on the TAB unless I'm very much mistaken. I have often seen you chatting with him. And I'll bet you a dollar he talks about the government because there's nothing else he can talk about. Is he a personal friend? 
No. I would call him an acquaintance. 
Well, I am real glad to hear that, because I'd advise you to make it your business to be on the other side of the street whenever you see him approaching. 
 Is that so?  
Why, yes. He's not the simple man he makes himself out to be. Not on your nelly, mate. That acquaintance of yours is a One Nation supporter! 
He's not, is he?

24 July 2019

The Little Aussie Battler (™)

There is a funny idea abroad (by which I mean, of course, in this dry brown land in which we all do dwell) that there exists a minor figure of such truthful grit that every attribute of ordinariness is congealed within their being.

This entity, I am led to believe, is now thought to be putting aside a characteristic reticence and a mug of tea, throwing the Akubra into the ring and stepping flat-footed into the political arena.

Their mission? To wake up Australia.

As soon as I heard that such a quintessential creature was out and  about, I went to great pains to locate it.

Duration: 03:55   mp3