04 November 2004


I'm just getting into this melarky with the web radio stuff when I get an invitation today to DJ for a new Australian web radio station

I found your name on the Pirate Radio Forums, and you mentioned about wanting to start a Radio Station. I ...am attempting to start up a global sation. I already have servers in place. This will be a free station, not aimed at making money (well, not yet), hence the pay would be low / none (but great practice). We are currently looking for some (comedy) announcers interested in doing daily / weekly few hour shifts on their own show. All music etc will be provided.
Would you happen to be interested?

Am I? Well that remains to be seen. Let's say I am considering all offers and my business managemnt team is in negotiations.

But do I see myself as a disc jokey for unsigned bands perhaps into the wee small hours? Can I wear baseball cap? Can I 'pump up the volume' with the young in mind?