07 February 2006

the blather #9

The week Ratbag Radio's the blather talks about a very big ship, a dejected political party trying ever so hard to re-invent itself and a contagious disease. So there's sure to be something for everyone --and if not, half the fun is in the browsing, ain't that the way?

  • 000 Intro orchestration (jawharp)
  • 030 Welcome and such
  • 3.25 Ratbag Radio's special organic sound scape
  • 4.10 The Blather visits Ronald Reagan
  • 9.00 Discursive commentary on parliamentary parties
  • 9.30 Bertie Wooster re-invents the Australian Labor Party
  • 12.00 Some thoughts on phobias
  • 12.75 What to do with self combusting un-Australians
  • 15.25 Envoi. See ya later.
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