11 February 2006

the blather #10

Proudly Un Australian!

The blather this time around exchanges words with Melbourne based artist, Azlan McLennan. McLennan's latest art work -- a burnt and mounted Australian flag -- was confiscated by local police because treatment of the flag that way was deemed (by them, apparently) to be "offensive".
Read GLW article here and 7.30 Report transcript here.

The seizure of the art work without due process has raised the issue of censorship especially in the context of a major roll back of democratic rights --such as the recently passed anti terrorism legislation with its wide interpretation of what constitutes' sedition'.

In response to this incident a national campaign has been generated in support of McLennan's democratic rights and against political censorship.
The blather also shares with its listeners the wherewithall to create your very own DIY, burnt flag, UnAustralian art work. Just the thing for the lounge room wall above the mantle piece!

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TECH NOTE:The interview was recorded over a standard landline speaker phone using an iRiver T30. Once Ratbag Radio generates a capital reserve (donations of money please!!!)we will be improving our hardware options via a retooling program.

In the meantime we'll make the best with what we got.

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