24 February 2006

the blather #11

This episode of The Blather is an exercise is getting the audio right or at least 'better'. After being the victim of some sloppy recording protocols, heretofore, Ratbag Radio has gone back to the DIY textbooks to improve the business to hand.
Have the Ratbaggies been succesful? I'm sure you will let us know:
  • 00.00.00 Jawharp theme and welcome
  • 01.20.00 The war on terror is upon us all....and we're all going phobic. DIY diagnosis of a new pandemic.(satire)
  • 03.19.00 The new industrial trinity -- a message and discussion about the spiritual significance of the new IR legislation recently passed by the federal government.(satire)
  • 06.18.00 Complementary closing remarks.
  • 07.21.00 The Blather ends with the same bang and bluster with which it began.
3.5MB / 7.21 Mins / 22 kHz /64 kbps
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