02 March 2006

the blather #12

The blather #12 plays some heavy rock music, chats with the Casual Workers Alliance, and drafts a special examination paper for all those who seek to enter fortress Australia.

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Baxter -- Andorra: “Andorra is a political rock band that organises shows and events where we try to communicate positive resiliance to the things we caree about..” The band is based in Sydney and their latest song , Baxter, focuses on the Baxter Migrant Detention Centre -- a place where Australia locks up ‘outsiders’ -- then throws away the key. Andorra band members are: Eric Mackenzie - guitar, Matt Campbell - hammond organ and piano, Greg Penkow - bass, Steve Barrett - drums and Joel Beasant - singer
Andorra web page: http://www.andorramusic.com.au/

The Baxter Detention Centre is located in the desert in outback South Australia.
Refugee rights links and information:

Amelia Taylor Interview
Amelia Taylor is an activist with the United Ca
sual Workers Alliance -- Gold Coast, Queensland.

UCWA web page: http://ucwa.org.au/

For information about New Zealand’s Supersize My Pay campaign: http://www.supersizemypay.com/
Unite Trade Union: http://www.unite.org.nz/

Entrance Examination: Australia
Written and performed by Dave Riley
Background audio -- a version of Advance Australia Fair which was recorded in 1937 and is held by the National Library of Australia

Running Order
  • Theme music -- jawsharp 00.00

  • Welcome to the blather
  • Andorra’s new song, Baxter
  • 02.23
  • Information about Andorra’s activities 05.16

  • Interview with Amelia Taylor 06.54
  • Satirical monologue: Entrance Examination--Australia 24.00
  • Announcements 29.17
29mins 47secs/ 64 kbps / 44 khz / 13.64 Mb / Mono

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