03 November 2004


I'm caught between the two networks: Pirate Radio and Shoutcast . So what's the diff? Well may I ask. Both networks run discussion boards and I've sent off a few well chosen questions in regard to my inquiries.
Being an audio ignoramous doesn't help, especially as I know only through hands on audio-ing will I actually learn what goes where and what does what. As a settling in I keep switching between networks with the air phones on. Music to the ears. Currently I'm listening to a radio/bands collective in Ontario Canada on Pirate...I'll give Radio Free Laos a miss tonight.
While I need to account for the prospect of having to fork out for software --not as expensive as you'd think -- I was pricing my accoutrements: a couple of mikes ($25 each) and maybe a Mp3 player/recorder (around $250). But one mike would be my initial requirement. Pirate Radio software costs about $50AUD.
I'm not expecting to step into the same broadcasting class as the ubiquitous John Laws but you gotta start somewhere.
As for scheduling I'm hoping to have a station up and operating in the new year --say by late January. Since I want to share the airwaves with my son I'm hoping he can get his high school directed broadcasts activated by the beginning of the 2005 school year. This agenda is do-able I think.
I also have to find stations on either network who run the sort of material I have in mind. I'm thinking of a sort of ongoing Punch and Judy show. That's what I have in mind --for me anyway --a montage of personality sound figures prattling on.
I guess thats' it. Characters already in search of a station.