02 November 2004

An improvised work in progress

What better way to think aloud than by means of a blog? This blog isn't an all in stream of cognition but an exercise in exploration. I want to find out how I can create my own at home radio station that I can run despite my very limited audio and IT knowledge.
Perhaps this is a fancy -- but it's one that is sure to have some teeth. Here I will be recording each installment in the quest. Then as I prosper and feel my confidence rising I will then launch my station here such that it will run concurrent with this blog.
My other discursive site -- The Life of Riley -- is ticking over nicely as I blog on for all my worth. But I soon realised en route that writing what I say takes much longer than simply coming out and saying it. So after a hour or so of editing text, improvised talk seems downright appealing.
I guess my first task is to find out what my options are in way of programs and formats. Then I have to work out if I want to store material on the web or go live to air...or both--as AngeLaceDD Radio 24-7 has done.
I am under a little pressure as I have to decide on my format very soon especially as regards MP3 so in some areas I need to move fast. This is where ignorance is a handicap and the fact that I don't mingle within a IT milieu. I am an often housbound fibrositic with a thriving imagination and poor memory....ah, where was I?
Anyway, the journey begins here-- but the prologue was written elsewhere. Som ein way of notation we move onward: Ratabag Radio here we come!